If you use a VPS for online and offline apps, you could come across a situation where they do not perform adequately as a result of lack of physical memory. This could occur if you try to run an app that requires more RAM than the amount your package comes with, or in case you have too many apps and some of them consume all the memory, leaving no free RAM for the others. Even if you get a powerful package deal, this could happen if you include more applications on the hosting server later on, and since it's possible that you will require simply more physical memory, but not higher CPU speeds or more disk space, we offer a RAM upgrade which you may use without changing your whole plan. In this way, you may pay only for the system resources that you need and you can avoid errors on your Internet sites caused by a lack of memory and the inability of the VPS to load the applications.
Additional RAM in VPS Servers
Additional physical memory may be added to any one of the Linux VPS hosting service which we offer, including the top-end ones, consequently your Internet sites shall work correctly all of the time. The upgrade can be acquired both on the order page and inside the billing area, so you could add it whenever you require it: before your web server is prepared - if you know that your websites will require more memory, or after the machine is functioning - in the event that you notice that the supplied memory isn't enough for all the websites to operate adequately. In the second scenario, the amount of RAM you acquire shall be added to the existing configuration with no activity required on your end and without any Virtual Private Server shutdown or restart, so there won't be any downtime for your websites. The upgrade can be purchased in increments of 128 MB and you will be able to include as much memory as you need, since the physical hosting servers have sufficient resources to permit the virtual servers to be upgraded drastically.